Regret? Live with It, Change It or Learn from It

Regret is a feeling that comes upon us for not having taken an opportunity. It most often comes with sadness and some disappointment. It leaves us feeling at a loss and can be burdensome.

Apparently one of life’s challenges is to live a life without regrets. Living such a life actually provides for satisfaction, the result of having made the most of what comes our way and or taking risks to achieve what we desire.

So, the question is, how do we manage regret or live a life without regrets?

Often opportunities lost can be regained. If there is a chance at a do-over, consider taking it.

If an opportunity is truly missed, don’t indulge your feeling of regret. Rather, look upon it as a teaching moment – a moment to be more primed and ready in the event another opportunity comes your way.

As for living a life of no regrets, that may come with a dose of denial because in truth, no one takes advantage of every opportunity and it is at times only after the fact that we can evaluate the loss. The key here is not to carry the burden but to learn how we may evaluate opportunities better while accepting at times we can’t. With this, we learn to live with our decisions.

The last consideration to at least living with less regrets is to consider taking more risks. These are not meant to be the life threatening or dangerous kind, but the kind that simply puts us outside our comfort zone or convenience zone. Even making a small effort can go a long way to realizing an opportunity.

If you are experiencing regret, counseling may be of assistance. In counseling, you can explore the source of regret and may find ways to better resolve those feelings.

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