Couples Therapy

As a relationship therapist I will explore the dynamics of relational patterns, current communication styles and ongoing cycles of conflict in order to improve mood, manage stress and anxiety, problem solve and increase feelings of empowerment. I understand the couple as a unit and as such, each individual is contributing to the difficulties in the relationship in some way, either indirectly or directly.

Each couple may be facing unique challenges individually or within their relationship. Severe stressors may include resentment, infidelity, intimacy issues, lack of trust, and miscommunication. Depending on the needs of my clients, various approaches may be used to help them feel supported, better understand their concerns, and how they may be contributing to what they are experiencing as a couple. If you are a couple in the early stages of your relationship, been married for years, or possibly discussing divorce; couples therapy can help to strengthen or rebuild your relationship.

Couple interventions place focus on ensuring all individuals feel supported, heard and understood. Therapy will aim to reduce tension, build trust between partners, effectively resolve conflict, develop positive communication skills, and promote validation, empathy, understanding, and mutual recognition that are necessary in order to form healthy intimacy, attachment, and emotional connection with each other.

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