My Approach

My approach to therapy is grounded in research on the process of change and treatment methods that are proven effective. I work from a client centered, strength based perspective recognizing that clients are the experts of their experiences and have the internal resources required to work towards healing and growth.

Although change can be a difficult process, I believe it can occur given the right strategies, support, and assistance. My aim is not only to guide this change process but also to place emphasis on lasting and meaningful change. My role as a professional therapist is to guide you as you take the steps towards growth, healing, and positive change.

I recognize that there are multiple ways of addressing the diverse challenges/barriers that we face in our lives and that not every approach will work with each individual or concern. I am trained in a variety of methodologies that allow me to tailor treatment to each clients unique concerns and symptoms.

My practice centers on providing new ways to manage distress and improve your relationships and practical ways to transform old beliefs, negative emotions, and unhealthy life patterns in order for you to live a peaceful, balanced, more meaningful life. I firmly believe that each person has unlimited potential to have healthy fulfilling relationships that are free from emotional distress and as a professional therapist I am committed to helping you discover this.

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