Family Therapy

Family therapy aims to strengthen individuals and the family system together and can provide your family with the skills to effectively manage everyday problems or ongoing concerns. Family therapy places focus on the family as a whole unit, instead of focusing solely on individual concerns.

As a relationship therapist, in family therapy I will identify family strengths and work with you to increase cohesiveness and align family values. We will explore existing communication patterns, and you will be encouraged to examine how your family functions while we work together to make positive changes. Family members are given an opportunity to express their feelings and apprehensions in order that I may work with you to improve communication and develop problem-solving skills.

The number of family therapy sessions required varies depending on your family's needs. I will work with your family to establish mutual goals and to set reasonable guidelines to achieve these goals. While it is encouraged that all family members attend therapy sessions, it is not imperative that each family member attend every session. In some circumstances family members may benefit from individual counseling sessions as well.

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